Bravery is one with me; I act bravely!

My actions are brave, and I am filled with courage! My actions are bold, and nothing is able to make me feel scared! I am a person who knows how to show courage! I am a person who does courageous deeds daily! Courage is constantly with me! And my courage amazes me! My courage helps me! My courage guides me! My courage gives me the strength that I need! Yes, I am always brave! Yes, I always act with lots of courage!

Positive affirmation from - Courage is constantly with me!
Courage Affirmation: Courage is constantly with me!

Being brave and acting with lots of courage helps us daily in our lives. When we show bravery, there is nothing that can scare us or make us feel blue – we act; we move on; we fight; we win. The positive affirmations suggested here will help you make courageous decisions and act without hesitation in your daily experiences. The constant usage of the affirmations will help you believe in yourself and trust in your own strengths and abilities; and in times of need, you will always be able to act with courage and achieve your goals.

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Random Affirmation:   Whatever I face, I am able to deal with it!