Constantly, I feel motivated to take action!

Each day, I feel motivated! Each day, there is a desire in me to move on and achieve greatly! Each day, my motivation stays, and I follow my dreams and passions! Being motivated is a natural state for me: I am always motivated, always with hope, always in faith! My motivation keeps me going! My faith keeps me going! My desires and dreams keep me going! I go on: I never stop! I move on: I never stay at the same place! I have dreams: big dreams! I have hopes: big hopes! I have talents: big talents! I have persistence: I am persistent and I win in life!

Positive affirmation from - My desires and dreams keep me going!
Motivation Affirmation to keep you going and achieve your dreams: My desires and dreams keep me going!

Keeping our motivation at high enough levels is important because else we will tend to quit and give up easily. The positive affirmations suggested here will always keep you motivated and focused on your goals and dreams. And the more focused you are on your goals, the better plans for their execution you will make, and the greater your chances of winning will be. The daily usage of the affirmations will help you believe in yourself more; and also you will get to be more motivated and inspired to follow your dreams.

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Random Affirmation:   Courageous are my actions, courageous are my thoughts!