Courage is available for me, and I act courageously!

Whatever I do, I always act with lots of courage! My days are courageous and full of brave deeds! My thinking is courageous, and I always have thoughts of me being filled with courage and acting in a fearless way! My thoughts help me and make me take brave action! I always act: I never stay still! I always am brave: I never am afraid! There is nothing to fear: I am brave and full of courage! Nothing can make me slow down: I am courageous! Nothing can make me change my plans: I am courageous! Nothing can hurt me: I love myself and am courageous always! Nothing can change my mood: I am courageous! Courage is a vital part of my life: I always act with courage! I act and courage comes; I think and courage comes; I move and courage comes! My each move is a courageous move! My each thought is a courageous thought! My each decision is a courageous decision! And each one of my days is a courageous day!

Positive affirmation from - There is nothing to fear: I am brave and full of courage!
Courage Affirmation: There is nothing to fear: I am brave and full of courage!

Being courageous and acting boldly on a daily basis is of extreme importance when it comes to us living our dreams and feeling fulfilled with our lives. We can achieve nothing if we stay scared and afraid to take action. Life wants us to be bold! Life wants us to be brave and take massive action towards the things we desire to have and the plans that we wish to fulfill. The positive affirmations above will help you stay on the path to courage and fill you with thoughts of bravery and unstoppable confidence in yourself. A person who acts courageously can achieve all of their dreams and live a happy, calm, peaceful and meaningful life. Repeat the affirmations daily, and soon you will feel great courage arise in you; and you will start expressing yourself in a bold and courageous way and as a result, you will start living life the way you have always wanted to!

Random Affirmation:   Whenever I need it, courage is with me!

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