Daily, I am strong, and courage guides my steps!

Whatever I do, I do it with lots of courage! In my daily life, I show bravery and act with decisiveness! Courage is always with me! I am courageous! I have lots of bravery in me! My each step is courageous! My each move is filled with bravery and boldness! Courage guides my steps; courage guides my life! I make my decisions in the most courageous way! And I take courageous actions to fulfill my dreams and desires! My life is a courageous life; and I am a courageous person! Each minute, each second: I am courageous!

Positive affirmation from Affirmations.online - Each minute, each second: I am courageous!
Courage Affirmation: Each minute, each second: I am courageous!

Acting with lots of courage is vital. In life, nothing valuable comes without acting boldly and bravely pursuing your goals. When we want to live the life of our dreams, we have to show courage and make courageous steps in the direction of our goals. The positive affirmations suggested here will help you be courageous. The more often you use the affirmations, the more your courage will grow, and the better your life circumstances will get to be.

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Random Affirmation:   I have the courage to live my life boldly!