Daily, I feel happy, energetic and full of enthusiasm!

I feel positive emotions on a daily basis! I am a happy person, and I am determined to stay this way! Daily, I choose happiness! Daily, I choose to feel joy! Daily, I choose to be content with life! I notice the good around me! I notice the positive aspects of my life, and I am grateful for them! All that happens to me is amazing; and my days are amazing! I am able to realize all of my dreams, and I am always looking up with hope in my heart! I am a truly happy person, and joy knows me well! I am a truly happy person; and the happier I am, the happier I get! Happiness finds me and stays! Joy stays! And my love for life stays!

Positive affirmation from Affirmations.online - The happier I am, the happier I get!
Happiness Affirmation: The happier I am, the happier I get!

Positive affirmation from Affirmations.online - Daily, I choose happiness!
Happiness Affirmation: Daily, I choose happiness!

Being happy and thinking positive about our lives shifts our focus on the good things that we have and makes us appreciate them. Happiness is a choice and a daily decision! Each day, we can choose to be happy; we can also choose to be grateful and to have fun in our lives! We are able to change our perceptions and realize that life happens for us! The positive affirmations above will help you stay in a great mood daily and be a grateful person living a joyous, blessed life. By repeating the affirmations daily you are making a commitment to being and always staying happy no matter what! And that is a great thing because we all deserve to be happy and in love with life!

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