Daily, my life provides me with miracles, and I feel good!

Constantly, I enjoy my life! I enjoy my days! I enjoy the happiness that comes to me daily! I life a blessed, fine, happy life! And each one of my days is happy! I think happy thoughts and have happy experiences! I smile and have fun constantly! No matter what happens around me, I smile! No matter the experiences that I have, I smile! Constantly, I smile and have fun in my life! And the more I smile, the better I feel! And the better I feel, the happier I get! I am a happy, smiling, joyous person; and all in my life is great!

Positive affirmation from Affirmations.online - The more I smile, the better I feel!
Affirmation for a positive life and happiness: The more I smile, the better I feel!

Knowing that we are happy and living our lives in a blessed way works miracles for us. The positive affirmations suggested here will make you appreciate your life and notice the happiness in your days. The more you use the affirmations, the happier you will get, and the more grateful you will feel for all that is in your life; and when we are grateful, beautiful things happen to us.

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