Happiness finds me each day, and I achieve inner peace!

Constantly, I am able to feel safe and relaxed! On my mind are positive thoughts, and I feel lucky and fulfilled in my life! Daily, I achieve my goals and find fulfillment in all that I do! I feel happy; I feel joyous; I feel brand new! My thoughts are thoughts of happiness! My mind brings me joy! My experiences are good; and I like all that I do! Happiness comes and stays in my life! I feel happy and eager to welcome the new day! I am myself, and I am happy! I am myself, and I am proud and pleased with the way that I live!

Positive affirmation from Affirmations.online - I feel happy; I feel joyous; I feel brand new!
Affirmation for happiness and fulfillment: I feel happy; I feel joyous; I feel brand new!

Feeling happy and liking the way that we live is essential for our mental health, self-confidence and the opinion that we form about ourselves. The positive affirmations suggested here will help you always welcome the new day with a smile – eager to live your live, have fun and achieve your goals. The daily repetition of the affirmations will instill the thoughts of success and happiness in your mind; and your life will change in a positive direction enabling you to achieve all of your goals and feel fulfillment and pleasure with the way that you live.

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