I am courageous, and I show great bravery!

Daily, I am courageous, and I act boldly in my life! I constantly find new ways in which to be bolder and braver! Nothing can scare me: I am bold! Nothing can hold me down: I am brave! No fear can threaten me: I am courageous beyond measure! All of my days, I spend them in courageous deeds! I am courageous in my thinking! I think with courage; and I plan with courage! Nothing can stand on my way: I am always courageous! When life is tough, I get tougher and more courageous! I am filled with courage! Yes, courage is guiding my steps! I am one with courage! I am courage; I am boldness; I am bravery; and I act bravely!

Positive affirmation from Affirmations.online - Nothing can scare me: I am bold!
Boldness Affirmation: Nothing can scare me: I am bold!

Positive affirmation from Affirmations.online - I think with courage; and I plan with courage!
Courage Affirmation: I think with courage; and I plan with courage!

Being courageous and taking action literally has the power to change our lives. We can do so much more in life if we have the power to be bold and to make the necessary decisions and act on them; and the truth is that we all have that power within us! But often we do not take any action because we think we lack the courage needed. Situations in life happen and if we stay bold and strong, we are able to deal and overcome whatever obstacles and move on with our lives! The positive affirmations above will help you act with more courage in your daily life; and the more courageously you act, the more courageous you will become! The repetition of the affirmations will create a bold person out of you; and you will make decisions based on your desires and wants; and no fear will ever be able to hold you down! You will also develop the habit to act bravely despite any fears arising within you; and by doing so, you will become fear free in your days!

Random Affirmation:   I am equipped with great courage!

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