I feel healthy; I feel worthy; I feel fine!

My self-esteem is high, and I feel great about myself! My health is fine, and I feel full of energy! My mood is great, and I feel happy and energetic! All about me is fine, and I feel amazingly great! I have whatever I need! I have whatever I want! I have prosperity! I have health! I have happiness! I have the freedom to live my life calmly! I have the money that I need! I have the friendships that I need! My life makes me happy and content! I feel content with life, and I like the way I live! It all goes well for me, and I feel joyous daily! I am pleased with my life! I am pleased with my decisions! I am pleased with myself! I like myself; I love my life; and I am at peace with my inner world!

Positive affirmation from Affirmations.online - My mood is great, and I feel happy and energetic!
Positive Affirmation to attract happiness and abundance: My mood is great, and I feel happy and energetic!

Being content with the way we live and staying at peace with our inner world is important for the quality of our lives and for us feeling happy and abundant. The more content we are with life, the better we feel and the more fun we have in our days. The positive affirmations above will create inside of you feelings of contentment and gratitude for the way you are and the way you live your life. The daily repetition of the affirmations will create a strong sense of contentment and happiness inside yourself; and you will begin to feel joyous and eager to live your life and grateful for all that you have. And the more you repeat the affirmations, the happier you will get and the more you will start to cherish each minute that you have!

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