My courage works miracles!

Constantly, I show great courage and overcome whatever it is that troubles me! I am a courageous person! I live a courageous life! I live a bold and inspired life! My courage is constantly with me – it is in me! I have tons of courage in me! I am grateful for the courage that I have, and I use it daily in my life! The more courageous I act, the more courageous I become! Yes, I am courageous! Yes, I am brave! Yes, I am strong!

Positive affirmation from - I live a courageous life!
Courage Affirmation: I live a courageous life!

Positive affirmation from - My courage works miracles!
Courage Affirmation: My courage works miracles!

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Random Affirmation:   I have the courage to live my life boldly!