My days get to be shiny, and I am content with my life!

I am pleased with my days and the experiences that I have! I have feelings of gratitude and happiness in me! I have positive emotions in me! I feel happy and grateful! I feel content with my life! I feel happy with my life! Whatever it is that I do, I tend to stay pleased! Whatever experiences I have, I tend to like them and stay content! My life reveals in joy and harmony! My life reveals with lots of blessings! I live a fine, calm, blessed life; and I feel happy, joyous and content!

Positive affirmation from - I feel content with my life!
Contentment Affirmation: I feel content with my life!

Being content with our lives is important because else we will never be happy and will always be searching for something else to fulfill us and give us the happiness that we need. The positive affirmations suggested here will remind you that life is good and needs to be cherished. The more you use the affirmations, the more content you will feel with your life, and the happier you will get to be.

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