My heart is a happy heart!

14 Happiness Affirmations from - My heart is a happy heart!

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Below, you can find 14 happiness affirmations to help you stay with a happy heart.

Your happiness matters. And staying happy always makes a difference.

When you are happy, you want to live your life and experience all there is for you to experience.

Also, when you nurture feelings of happiness in your heart, you live a less stressed life. Furthermore, you keep yourself motivated and encouraged.

Here are 14 happiness affirmations to use daily:

My heart is a happy heart! I always stay happy and fulfilled! And constantly, I think thoughts that make me feel joyous and on top of the world! My happiness depends on me! My fulfillment in life depends on me! And daily, I choose to be happy and to think positive thoughts! And I also choose to be brave and to boldly step out of my comfort zones! Yes, constantly, I choose to be happy! I choose to enjoy my life and to have fun each minute of each day! I live a happy life! A happy smile is on my face! And a happy melody sings in my head! Happiness belongs to me! And daily, I wake up feeling happy!

14 Happiness Affirmations from - My heart is a happy heart!
Happiness Affirmation: My heart is a happy heart!

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