My mind is free of worry and pain!

In my life, I stay calm and feel secure! In my life, I feel happiness and joy! Worry is out of my life! Pain is out of my life! My days are shiny and calm! My heart is a calm, happy heart! My thoughts are peaceful and bring me happiness! No worrisome thoughts are allowed to bother me! No worrisome ideas are allowed to trouble me! My mind is filled with hope! My heart is filled with hope! I have thoughts of hope in my soul! I know how to stay free of worry! I know how to stay with a peaceful heart and mind! Yes, my days are free of worry! Yes, my heart is calm! Yes, my life is bright! Yes, I live with hope!

Positive affirmation from - Yes, my days are free of worry!
Affirmation for a worry-free mind: Yes, my days are free of worry!

When we stay with hope in our hearts, our days get to be free of worry. The positive affirmations suggested here will help you focus on the bright things in your life and forget the worrisome thoughts that try to sneak into your mind. The more you use the affirmations, the calmer you will feel, and the more peaceful your days will become.

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