My motivation gives me the courage I need to go on!

My dreams stay, and my motivation stays! No matter what I face, I remain bold, determined and motivated! No matter how hard it may be, I stay courageous and motivated to take the next action! My motivation is so strong that it empowers me! My motivation is so strong that it always keeps me going! Yes, I am able to achieve whatever I desire! Yes, I am motivated! Yes, I remain determined! Yes, no obstacle is able to stop me! Yes, it is me; and yes, I have the confidence and the motivation in me to win and live my life in boldness!

Positive affirmation from - My motivation is so strong that it empowers me!
Positive Affirmation for powerful motivation: My motivation is so strong that it empowers me!

Keeping our motivation alive is vital. The more motivated we are, the more actions we will be taking in the right direction. The positive affirmations suggested here will help you proceed on your journey with motivation and strength. The more often you use the affirmations, the bolder you will feel, and the more motivated you will get; which will eventually help you achieve your goals because when we are motivated, we awaken the achievers in us and take massive positive action that leads us to the successes that we desire.

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Random Affirmation:   For me, there is no giving up until I reach success!