New powers come to me, and I gain strength!

Today, new powers come to me! Today, I feel powerful and capable of overcoming whatever obstacles are on my way! Today, I overcome worry! Today, I overcome pain! Today, I am a new, better, stronger version of myself; and I fear nothing! Worry is a thing of the past! Sad moods are a thing of the past! Worrisome thoughts are a thing of the past! Today, I gain enormous amounts of strength, and I feel unstoppable!

Positive affirmation from - Today, I overcome worry!
Overcome Worry Affirmation: Today, I overcome worry!

When we live worry-free lives, we are actually able to do things and follow our goals. In times when we fall a victim to worry, we accumulate huge amounts of anxiety and fear. And when we feel scared, we get paralysed and cannot take any action in our lives. The positive affirmations suggested here will help you feel strong and powerful. The more you use the affirmations, the more capable you will feel to face your fears and overcome worry. And that is how you get to live your life boldly and be your own hero!

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