Today, I feel blessed and happy!

I feel truly blessed and filled with gratitude! My life provides me with many opportunities to experience happiness and joy; and the more I notice these opportunities, the more opportunities I get! I am grateful for the life that I have! i am grateful for my days! I am grateful for the experiences that I have! And today, I feel blessed and protected! I feel safe and eager to live my life! Blessings come to me today! And each day, my reality is miraculous and filled with happy emotions and joyful time!

Positive affirmation from - I feel safe and eager to live my life!
Contentment Affirmation to feel safe: I feel safe and eager to live my life!

Feeling blessed is important because when we feel blessed, we show gratitude. And when we are filled with gratitude, the Universe helps us in all the directions that we need. The positive affirmations above will help you be grateful and joyous. The daily repetition of the affirmations will create the feelings of satisfaction and contentment in you; and constantly, you will live your life feeling blessed and happy.


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Random Affirmation:   There are no obstacles on my way!