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Affirmations.online was created back in 2016 with the idea of helping people from all over the world create a better, more helpful, and more supportive mindset. Since then, the website has grown to become the biggest affirmations database, with more than 28,000 free positive affirmations posted online, including sets of affirmations, image affirmations, tips, guidelines, and free affirmations eBooks for the readers to download to their devices.

Reneta Shketieva
Reneta Shketieva

“The thoughts we think daily play a vital role in how we feel and how we act. We perform good when we believe in ourselves. We act on the opportunities we have when we feel confident and motivated. And in order to succeed in whatever area of life, we should have the motivation and persistence required, and we should also have the faith that we are more than capable of overcoming whatever roadblocks are in our way. And we gain that faith and confidence by thinking the right thoughts and empowering ourselves with the right positive messages and affirmations that help us feel good, valued and equipped with all that we need.”- Reneta Shketieva, Founder of Affirmations.online

Counseling psychologist and mathematician by education, Reneta has a great interest in the field of self-improvement and believes that all of us are the creators of our own destiny and are shaping our reality daily by the thoughts we think and the decisions that we make. She is a strong believer that a positive mind is capable of creating miracles. Reneta is inspired to help people change their lives by changing their mindset and their inner self-talk.

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