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In this post, we share a free printable List with 62 Childrens Affirmations in PDF format.

Why should children use affirmations?

Affirmations help children form a positive self-image and keep their minds focused on the positive aspects of their lives. When children use positive affirmations, they empower themselves and gain more confidence and courage. And they also feel that they are valuable, loved, protected and respected.

Childrens Affirmations in PDF - featured imageDownload Childrens Affirmations in PDF format

Here are the positive affirmations that are featured in our List with 62 Childrens Affirmations in PDF format:

  1. I am a great child!
  2. I am smart!
  3. I am lovely!
  4. I am valuable!
  5. My parents love me!
  6. My friends love me!
  7. I perform great!
  8. I can achieve all!
  9. I can have many friends!
  10. I am adorable!
  11. I love myself!
  12. I am funny!
  13. I am confident in myself!
  14. I treasure myself!
  15. I like myself!
  16. I can always improve!
  17. I am a smart learner!
  18. I am a fast learner!
  19. Everybody likes me!
  20. I have many hobbies!
  21. I spend my time in joyful games!
  22. I can achieve all I set my mind to!
  23. My parents value me!
  24. My friends value me!
  25. I value myself!
  26. I matter!
  27. My opinion matters!
  28. My dreams matter!
  29. My ideas are valuable!
  30. I have great imagination!
  31. I am proud of myself!
  32. My parents are proud of me!
  33. I am happy with myself!
  34. I am happy with my life!
  35. My future is in my hands!
  36. I do great in school!
  37. I am easy to talk to!
  38. I communicate with ease!
  39. I listen to my parents!
  40. I listen to my heart!
  41. I am strong!
  42. I am capable!
  43. I am a loved child!
  44. I am a lucky child!
  45. I am important!
  46. I am cherished in my family!
  47. I am valued at school!
  48. I get better with each day!
  49. I believe in myself!
  50. My parents support me!
  51. My friends support me!
  52. I have ideas that work!
  53. I grow up strong and healthy!
  54. I am a good friend!
  55. I have many good friends!
  56. I am happy at school!
  57. I am happy at home!
  58. I am happy with my parents!
  59. I talk freely with my parents!
  60. I value my life!
  61. I am enough!
  62. My family loves me!

You can download our complete list with 62  Childrens Affirmations in PDF format here.

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