How to find happiness in a scary world

Article by - How to find happiness in a scary world

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Article by - How to find happiness in a scary world
How to find happiness in a scary world

Finding happiness is a thing we all want to know how to achieve. Daily, we do the things that we think are going to move us in that direction.

The truth is that even if we do not realize it, we are all looking for happiness and fulfillment in life.

And sometimes, too often, instead of reaching closer to happiness, we are actually moving away from it. But why does this happen?

Why do we get more and more away from happiness despite all our efforts to get there?

The answer is maybe because we do not know what will make us happy in the first place.

When we think that a certain thing will make us happy, actually this is just our idea of what could possibly make us happy.

And things are often not as they seem. That is why when we reach our goals, we are often disappointed and feel unhappy and unworthy even. And that is perfectly normal.

What is happiness, and how can we reach a state in which we feel happy on a daily basis?

Everyone knows and has heard that happiness is an inner job, that it is inside us, that we can feel happy at any moment regardless of the circumstances that we are in… but what is happiness really? And how can we be happy in a scary world? And why does sometimes  the world seem scary to us? 

The answer lies in the fact that we fear the things we do not know. We often fear the unknown. And we perceive the world as a scary place because it is not clear for us what is going to happen, and in fact anything is possible to happen; and some of these possible realities are completely out of our circle of desires. So how can we be happy then?

Can we prepare for happiness? And the answer is: yes, we can.

And we do that by consciously accepting that there are things in life that do not depend on us; and we are capable to accept them no matter how hard it could be.

We find happiness by simply being happy! Being happy is the answer. We can all decide to be happy here and now! And by consciously choosing to be happy at any given moment, living completely in the present moment, experiencing consciously joy – that is how we remain happy!

Below are 10 positive affirmations for happiness:

Affirmation 1.

I am happy each day of my life!

Affirmation 2.

No matter what happens in my life, I can always choose to be happy!

 Affirmation 3.

I consciously choose to experience happiness now!

Affirmation 4.

I am able to be and stay happy no matter what!

Affirmation 5.

Happiness belongs to me!

Affirmation 6.

I am calm and happy in my life!

 Affirmation 7.

I work on my happiness: I am happy and consciously experiencing joy in my days!

Affirmation 8.

My life makes me happy, and I smile with joy!

Affirmation 9.

Blessed are my days filled with happiness!

Affirmation 10.

Happiness belongs to me: I am happy; I am blessed; I am in love with life!