How to use affirmations to live a happier and more peaceful life

Article by - How to use affirmations to live a happier and more peaceful life

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We all know that the thoughts we think play a vital role in the moods that we have and the emotions that we feel. It often happens that during the day, we are often in a hurry and unfortunately focussing on the wrong things and nurturing the wrong thoughts. We simply cannot be happy if we think sad thoughts. And it is a great idea to use affirmations to live a happier and more peaceful life. The truth is, when we constantly think about our problems, we see even more of them and then, we also make up a few more.

And here is where positive affirmations can be of use because by using positive affirmations on a daily basis, we are able to focus our minds on the positive aspects of our lives and produce good, helpful thoughts.

We can use affirmations to live a happier and more peaceful life

Our self-talk matters. When we want our lives to be happier, it is a good idea to start changing our thoughts. And through the usage of positive affirmations, we are able to stay in a positive mood and keep on with our lives in happiness, peace and calmness about our days. Positive affirmations can make us feel good about ourselves – they can empower us and make us stronger when we are in need of motivation or gaining inner strength.

Positive affirmations can also help you be happier on a daily basis because by repeating positive statements about yourself and your life, you are actually being able to focus on the things that you like, love and care about – on everything that you wish to have and achieve.

This shifts your thinking; and that is a good, desirable shift – from negative to positive. Thinking in negative terms and feeling like a victim will never be of any use to you.  Negative thoughts are like negative affirmations, and they ruin and spoil our days. But thinking like a winner – in positive terms and with hope – will do miracles in your life.

What affirmations do is change your inner beliefs with time; and once you start thinking about how great and happy your life is, it will all work out for you and the more you affirm your happiness, the happier you will feel and the more positive your life will get to be.

When we wake up in the morning and start our days with some good, uplifting positive affirmations, we also have the opportunity to remember all the things that we are grateful about in our lives, and this simple act gives us immediate happiness and satisfaction.  It is a smart decision to empower ourselves with positive thoughts and use positive affirmations to brighten our days.

Article by - How to use affirmations to live a happier and more peaceful life
How to use affirmations to live a happier and more peaceful life

Here is how to use affirmations to live a happier and more peaceful life – below is a list with 20 affirmations to help you:

  • Affirmation 1. Today is going to be an awesome day – I already feel healthy, refreshed and in a good mood!
  • Affirmation 2. I have so many things to be grateful for in my life, and today, I choose to feel happy and to experience positive emotions during the day!
  •  Affirmation 3. I am a worthy individual! I am smart; I love myself, and I am deeply loved and cherished by the others!
  • Affirmation 4. Today, I respect myself and my emotions! I feel fine: all is good in my world!
  • Affirmation 5. The calmer I am about my days, the more positive and filled with happiness my experiences are! I am at peace with life!
  • Affirmation 6. I live my life in harmony with the world around me! I am peace! I am happiness! I am joy! I am serenity! I am deeply loved!
  •  Affirmation 7. I am capable of achieving my goals, and today I am making steps in that direction! Yes, I can!
  • Affirmation 8. Nothing is able to stop me from being happy today! It is a great day, and I am a great person! Today, I am in a great mood and smiling!
  • Affirmation 9. Today, I feel good: I feel calm; I feel safe!
  • Affirmation 10. Today, I am achieving my dreams! I am a winner! I am a conqueror of success!
  • Affirmation 11. My heart smiles today; and I smile!
  • Affirmation 12. My happiness depends on me, and I choose to be happy today!
  •  Affirmation 13. I look good; I look great; I look gorgeous! And I feel gorgeous today!
  • Affirmation 14. I succeed and conquer my dreams! I am a winner! I am a success! My life is a masterpiece!
  • Affirmation 15. Today, I choose to make it a bright, special day; and I choose to be happy and to experience joy all day long!
  • Affirmation 16. My thoughts are good today, and I am calm and relaxed! Things work out for my highest good!
  •  Affirmation 17. I am at peace with myself and the world today! I feel fine; I feel worthy; I feel capable of doing miracles and changing my life in a positive direction!
  • Affirmation 18. I achieve my dreams today! I find happiness today! I find love! I cherish and love myself today!
  • Affirmation 19. I am myself today, and I feel great! It is a lovely day, and I am a lovely, lovable person!
  • Affirmation 20. I love everything about myself today! I am a miracle, and I live a miraculous, blessed, happy life!

You can find hundreds of affirmations for living a happier life and being more joyous on our happiness affirmations  category page here.

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