How to use positive affirmations to attract money

Article by - How to use positive affirmations to attract money

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Article by - How to use positive affirmations to attract money
How to use positive affirmations to attract money

We all know that having a scarcity mindset is bad and leads to always experiencing financial difficulties. The thing about mindset is that we act in accordance with our beliefs. And if we believe that we are constantly out of money and financial security, that leads to us always having such experiences of lack; and then we get even more sure that our thinking is right and that it is our fate to be out of money.

What we should do is consciously create a mindset of attracting money and abundance. When we think abundantly, abundance of all kinds comes to us. The same goes to how we think about money. 

When we think that we attract money with all that we do and all that we think, money comes to us in huge amounts at the right time. Our role is to always think of ourselves as people who have a lot of money. Creating such a mindset is a huge plus and can be done with the help of positive affirmations. When we affirm daily that we are capable of paying our bills and always having money, that exactly is what materializes in our outer worlds. The opposite is also correct: if we constantly think that we lack money, that is what we get – constant bills and payments for this or that.

Positive affirmations can help us because by affirming the things we desire, we get to focus actually on the things we desire and not on the things that we never want  to happen to us. Also, when we affirm that we are prosperous and attracting money, we feel good. And when we feel good, we attract positive energy into our lives and all the good things that it brings with itself.

By the daily usage of positive affirmations for money and prosperity, we are actually attracting money and prosperity because when we change our mindset everything changes for us. We get to notice how abundant we actually are. And we get to be grateful for the money that we possess. And when we are grateful, we attract more of the things we are grateful for because the Universe responds with love and care to us when we feel grateful.

When we affirm that we already have the money that we need, our lives change: we get to attract money, opportunities, people, places and all that is needed in order for us to acquire that money.

Below are 10 positive affirmations to help you attract money into your life:

Affirmation 1.

Daily, I attract huge amounts of money, and I feel great while doing so!

Affirmation 2.

I constantly have the money that I need to fulfill my desires!

 Affirmation 3.

I am a rich person, and I have all the money that I want and need!

Affirmation 4.

Abundance comes in my life each day; and money finds me whatever I do!

Affirmation 5.

Whatever I start doing, it brings me money!

Affirmation 6.

Huge amounts of money materialize in my life!

 Affirmation 7.

My mindset is abundant! I am rich, prosperous, and I have money!

Affirmation 8.

Money comes in my life today!

Affirmation 9.

Opportunities to make money reveal themselves to me! I always have great ideas of how to earn money!

Affirmation 10.

Money loves me and always partners with me! I am rich, abundant, prosperous and having all that I need!