My courage remains strong

Courage Affirmations from - I fill myself with courage! My courage remains!
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Courage Affirmations: My courage remains strong! 

Here are 14 positive affirmations to help you gain courage: Daily, my courage remains, and I have the power to move mountains. Great strength is in me, and I feel empowered. Courageous deeds are done by me. And thoughts of courage are entertaining my mind. When I am in need of courage, bravery comes to me. I feel like a courageous person who fearlessly follows their path. I feel brave. I feel courageous. I am able to do all that I most deeply desire. No fear can scare. No fear resides in me. In me is courage. In me is bravery. Yes, I fill myself with courage, and courage is a part of me.

Confidence Affirmation from - I have the power to move mountains!
Confidence Affirmation: I have the power to move mountains!

Courage Affirmations from - I fill myself with courage! My courage remains!
Courage Affirmation: I fill myself with courage!

Why being courageous matters, and how can affirmations such as “My courage remains strong!” help you build courage?

Being courageous is important because almost each day of our lives we get introduced to situations that require brave and courageous actions. When we create the courage mindset, we become able to always believe in ourselves and go for our dreams no matter the doubts we may have.

The positive affirmations suggested here will help you build a courageous self-image. The frequent use of the affirmations will strengthen your motivation to take courageous actions; and constantly, you will become able to trust in your own abilities and rely on the courage that is within you.

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