My life is a happy life

13 Happiness Affirmations from - My life is a happy life!
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In this post, you can find 13 happiness affirmations to make your days brighter and your experiences filled with joy.

Happiness matters.

When you are happy, you feel good and have a desire to live your life and accomplish your dreams.

The truth is, the more you think happy thoughts, the happier you become, and the better you feel emotionally. And that is why positive affirmations for happiness are a great tool in helping you become happier.

Here are 13 happiness affirmations for a happier you:

My life is a happy life. My dreams are happy dreams. My thoughts are happy thoughts. My actions are the actions of a happy person. All my experiences in life make me happy. I feel fulfilled and eager to experience all that is meant for me. I was born to be happy. I was born to achieve all my dreams. I was born to be successful, loved and respected. Daily, I welcome happiness. I welcome sunshine, love and success. I feel good to be this happy. Yes, happiness belongs to me.

Happiness Affirmation from - Daily, I welcome happiness!
Happiness Affirmation: Daily, I welcome happiness!

13 Happiness Affirmations from - My life is a happy life!
Happiness Affirmation: My life is a happy life!

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