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Are you in search for the affirmations that work for you?

Each one of us has specific spheres of our lives that we would like to improve. With the personalized affirmations plan from Affirmations.online you will have positive affirmations done specifically for you! For example, if you want to work on improving your confidence, positive affirmations for building a confident self-image, high self-esteem and planting seeds of strong belief in yourself and your abilities will be just what you need. In order for the affirmations to work, they have to be done correctly, they have to be specific and following the right plan. In general, we all change our subconscious beliefs little by little and with the constant repetition of the right thoughts. Once identified, we can end our limiting beliefs by using the exact, right phrases in the form of positive affirmations. And when the positive affirmations are done specifically for you – concerning the areas that you like to improve, then they become powerful enough to change your subconscious patterns, and you become able to unleash your full potential and start living your dream life!

How to order a personalized affirmations plan?

To order your personalized affirmations plan, please fill in the contact form below with subject Personalized Affirmations Plan.  In the email, please write what it is that you want the affirmations to be about: i.e. building confidence, creating more happiness in your life, getting over your anxious thoughts, creating abundance and so on. The more specific you are in your email with your order, the more detailed the affirmations will be for your case.

How to pay for a personalized affirmations plan?

The payment for your personalized affirmations plan is via PayPal. Once you order your plan, we will contact you in email with the details.

What does a personalized affirmations plan consist of?

We offer three types of personalized affirmations plans:

1. The first one is the 1-Month Affirmations Plan – this is a plan with positive affirmations for each day for a period of one month. It consists of 31 positive affirmations plus explanations to them – how to use them and how they can help you and why they are made exactly for your case.

The price for the 1-Month Affirmations Plan is $50.

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2. The second one is the 3-Months Affirmations Plan consisting of positive affirmations for a period of three months + detailed explanations to them – – how to use them and how they can help you and why they are made exactly for your case.

The price for the 3-Months Affirmations Plan  is $100.

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3. The third one is the 1-Year Affirmations Plan consisting of 365 positive affirmations for each day of the year + detailed explanations to them and how to use them.

The price for the 1-Year Affirmations Plan is $300.

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Order a personalized affirmations plan now, and start planting the seeds of happiness and living your dream life today!

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