Free affirmations on confidence

Below, you will find a list with 100 free affirmations on confidence. These affirmations were created for the purposes of helping you become more confident in yourself so that you can form the unstoppable determination to be happy, prosperous, winning in life and always persevering no matter what you are facing in life and what obstacles are on your way.

Confidence matters! Your confidence matters! You matter; and your thoughts about yourself matter! Grow your confidence, and you will grow your life and everything in it! And you make the first step by positively affirming a more confident self by the usage of confidence affirmations.

But before we go to the list with affirmations let’s give some clarity on the topic of positive affirmations: what are they and why should you use them?

What are positive affirmations and why do they work?

In short, positive affirmations are positive and encouraging messages and phrases that you repeat to yourself, and they have the power to transform your life and your reality. Why? Because they work by changing your subconscious patterns and belief system. Once you start repeating an affirmation, you are on your way to transforming your beliefs and achieving the results you have always wanted to achieve!
Affirmations are powerful phrases and a magnet for achieving great results by the usage of your mind. Do not let your thoughts wander in vane and create worry inside yourself  but instead use the power of your mind to empower your self-talk and to motivate and stimulate you to be bolder, stronger, more confident and content with your life!
We should all be very careful when it comes to our thoughts about ourselves and the world. Our thoughts can literally “make us or break us”. By making the choice to see the positive side of life and empowering yourself with positive affirmations, you are actually making a huge step toward your personal growth because there can be no self-improvement without thinking the right thoughts and affirming the right messages.
Winners think like winners, and they empower themselves! And no matter the situations you are dealing with in life, you can always choose to make yourself stronger in your thoughts by using positive affirmations and benefiting from them to completely change and transform your thinking, your beliefs, your life, yourself, and the reality that you are living in!

Why use positive affirmations for building your confidence?

Imagine what would your life be if you had the confidence to pursue your dreams! Yes, you – being able to persevere through the storms of life and actually achieve your boldest dreams!
The truth is, we are all able to do that as long as we believe in ourselves and go after our most inner desires! And in order for us to do that, we should have confidence in ourselves; and confidence is a learned skill!
We can all learn to be confident and create the life we want and have always imagined for ourselves! And the first step to confidence is to start acting in a more confident way in our daily life; and we do that by motivating and empowering ourselves in our thoughts through the usage of positive affirmations!
With the daily repetition of confidence affirmations, you will soon change your self-image to a more confident one and will start acting in a bolder, more confident way!
Our affirmations for confidence will completely transform yourself, and you will get rid of the old limiting self-beliefs that you had about yourself and your capabilities! Become the winner that you are and overcome your limitations! Become confident! Become you! Achieve your dreams! Confidence is inside of you: affirm it, believe it, be it!
Here is the list with 100 free positive affirmations on confidence. Use the affirmations daily and watch how your life changes for good!

A list with 100 free positive affirmations on confidence:

1. All I do, I do it with confidence!

2. Each day of my life, I am confident!

3. I confidently follow my own path!

4. Confidence is inside of me: I act confidently!

5. My each move is a confident one!

6. All of my time, I spend it while being confident!

7. Huge confidence resides inside of me!

8. I am a confident human being, and nothing is able to stop me!

9. I am committed to being and staying confident!

10. I am responsible for my own confidence; and I choose to be confident daily!

11. My confidence brings joy to me!

12. My confidence amazes me!

13. I have what it takes to be confident!

14. I was born to be confident!

15. Nothing can stop me from being confident!

16. Day in and day out, I am confident!

17. I have huge amounts of confidence inside of me!

18. Confidence is my second name!

19. I boldly face life because I am confident in myself and my skills!

20. Life loves me because I am being confident all the time!

21. Confidence follows my steps!

22. Confidence guides me and gives directions: I am always confident!

23. I step boldly and confidently in the world that I create for myself!

24. My steps are bold steps; and I am a bold, confident person!

25. Confidence knows my name!

26. My confidence makes me bold, and I take action for the things I want to acquire!

27. Each of my days, confidence stays with me, and I am glad!

28. I constantly stay confident, and nothing can make me lose hope!

29. In tough times, I get even more confident than usual!

30. I persevere and stay confident no matter what I face in life!

31. Confidence and I are one!

32. Confidence guides my steps, and I feel empowered!

33. Huge amounts of confidence are always available for me: I look inside and find them!

34. I am a bold person, and each one of my moves is bold and confident!

35. Whatever I do, I always stay confident in myself!

36. No matter the reality I face, I remain confident: I can do this!

37. I am able to stay and be confident no matter what!

38. I have the needed qualities; I have the needed skills: I am confident!

39. Confidence is a part of me!

40. I wake up being confident!

41. I work daily on my confidence; and constantly, I get more and more confident!

42. The confidence I need, I have it!

43. I can achieve all that I desire because I have the confidence in me to try and give it a shot!

44. I can face life with a confident face: I am confident, strong, amazing and bold!

45. I am myself: and I am confident!

46. Nothing can stop my confidence: I daily am confident and full of energy to do more and achieve more!

47. Whatever I need, I have it; and I have confidence!

48. Being confident is easy; and I am confident!

49. I act in the direction of my goals because I am confident!

50. Each day, I make various acts of confidence!

51. Each day, confidence finds me, and I become more and more confident!

52. I live my life confidently!

53. I live my life with courage and confidence in myself and my skills!

54. I can always choose to be confident; and I do choose so each day!

55. Confidence is natural for me: I was born to be confident!

56. Daily, I stay confident, and nothing is able to stop me or slow me down!

57. The faith that I need to have in myself: I have it because I am confident!

58. Confidence, here I am! I face life confidently!

59. A smile is on my face because I am confident!

60. If anyone can do it, I can do it: I am confident!

64. Oh, yes, I am confident: I can achieve it all!

65. I have positive self-talk: I am confident, brave, smart and clever!

66. I am a lucky person full of confidence!

67. I am full of bravery, confidence and inner strength!

68. I have great positive qualities and confidence is one of them!

69. Nothing can make me lose my confidence in myself!

70. I am a winner in life, and I am always confident!

71. Whatever happens, I remain confident!

72. I am ready to follow my dreams: I have the confidence required!

73. I am ready to face life boldly: I have the confidence required!

74. I am ready to be an achiever in life; and daily, I achieve many things of value because I am confident to go in the direction of my goals and dreams!

75. Confidence is in my heart!

76. My heart is confident, and my mind thinks brave, confident thoughts!

77. Each morning, I wake up confident!

78. Each night, I go to bed confident!

79. I can do this; I can face this; I can overcome this: I am confident beyond measure!

80. I have a confident self-image!

81. I think confidently about myself and my future!

82. I think confidently about my plans, and I work on their achievement!

83. My life is a confident life; and I am a confident person!

84. Whatever I do, I remain confident and have great beliefs in myself!

85. I am a representation of confidence!

86. True confidence is in my life, and I feel great while achieving the things that I desire!

87. I work on my confidence and daily improve my skills and my life in the directions that I desire!

88. A confident, bold person – this is who I am!

89. I am confidence!

90. I am confidently approaching success!

91. I am boldly and confidently following my life purpose!

92. I have the needed qualities: I am confident in myself!

93. I have huge self-confidence, and I am proud of myself and the confidence levels that I reach!

94. Confidence and boldness are very typical for me, and I act boldly, confidently and bravely in my life!

95. A true confident person resides inside of me!

96. Confidence is my natural state of mind!

97. I always choose confidence; and I always am confident and content with my life!

98. My confidence depends of me, and I choose to live a life of confidence and do confident deeds!

99. Whatever life presents me with, I always choose to act with great confidence and stay consistent in following my dreams!

100. There is no stopping for me: I am confident, bold, persistent, and I act with huge amounts of boldness in my days!

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