True courage defines me

12 Affirmations for Courage from - True courage defines me!
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Below, you can find 12 affirmations for courage to help you live a bold life and be the person you have always dreamed of being.

Living with courage matters.

When you live your life with courage, you are not afraid to dream and to envision a better future. And the reason for that is simply because you are not afraid of what is coming.

We all face difficulties in life, but having the strength to face them with a courageous heart is what makes us powerful.

Also, living with courage helps you increase the confidence that you have in yourself.

And to develop the courage mindset, a good and easy way is to use positive affirmations.

Here are 12 affirmations for courage to use on a daily basis:

True courage defines me. I am the most courageous person I know. My each step is a step full of courage. My each thought is a thought full of courage. I live a bold, courageous life. I think bold, courageous thoughts. And my each experience is filled with courage. The more courageously I think, the more courageous I become. Courage is my true power. Being courageous is my destiny. Yes, I am courage. Yes, I am boldness at its best.

12 Affirmations for Courage from - True courage defines me!
Affirmation for Courage: True courage defines me!

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