Courage defines me

16 Affirmations for Courage from - Courage defines me!
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In this post, you can find an affirmation set consisting of 16 affirmations for courage to help you gain daily boldness and think like a winner.

Having courage matters.

A person without courage cannot follow their dreams. Furthermore, courage is always needed for the achievement of success in life.

When you act with courage, you gain boldness and strength. Also, you learn to rely on yourself when facing the challenges of life.

Here is an affirmation set with 16 affirmations for courage: 

Courage defines me. I am filled with courage and make bold steps in the directions that I desire. My heart knows no fear. Nothing can slow me down. And nothing can stand in my way. I am bold and determined. I am courageous beyond measure. I think in a courageous way. I produce courageous thoughts that give me motivation and the strength that I need to proceed boldly. I develop myself with courage. I think of myself with courage. I move and act with courage. I embrace life with courage. Whatever I do, I do it with courage and lots of boldness. Yes, I am truly courageous. Yes, courage belongs to me.

Courage Affirmation from - I develop myself with courage!
Courage Affirmation: I develop myself with courage!

16 Affirmations for Courage from - Courage defines me!
Affirmation for Courage: Courage defines me!

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