Happiness Affirmations for May 2023

List With 31 Happiness Affirmations for May 2023 From Affirmations.online
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Finding happiness and experiencing positive emotions are important goals to have. To help you achieve this, we suggest a list with 31 happiness affirmations for May 2023. Each day of the month features a unique affirmation to empower you, boost your mood, and bring you closer to happiness.

💡  Thinking happy thoughts leads to happiness. The happier your thoughts are, the happier you are.

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The truth is, to be happier, it’s crucial to shift away from negative thinking and adopt more positive thoughts that support you in your pursuit of happiness. And affirmations can be a useful tool to help you overcome negative thinking patterns.

Additionally, positive affirmations prepare your mind for happiness, success, and empowerment. By focusing on the positive aspects of your life, you can start to see your reality in a more positive light and envision a brighter future for yourself.

List With 31 Happiness Affirmations for May 2023 From Affirmations.online
List With 31 Happiness Affirmations for May 2023

List with 31 happiness affirmations for May 2023:

  1. I choose to focus on happiness and to experience positive emotions in every moment.
  2. I am thankful for the happiness in my life, and daily, I show gratitude.
  3. I deserve happiness and joy, and I have them in my life.
  4. Happiness comes easily to me; daily, I am happy.
  5. My thoughts are filled with happiness and positivity.
  6. I am surrounded by good people who bring me happiness.
  7. I attract success and happiness into my life, and I manage to fulfill my dreams.
  8. I am pleased with my life, and I find happiness and contentment in the present moment.
  9. I radiate happiness and attract it back to me.
  10. Happiness is my natural state of being; I was born to live a happy life.
  11. My life is filled with happiness, abundance and blessings of all kinds.
  12. I deserve to experience happiness every day, and I do experience it.
  13. I choose to see the good in every situation, and I find happiness within it.
  14. I stay in control of my happiness and choose to be happy now.
  15. I am open to receiving happiness, joy and contentment from all areas of my life.
  16. My happiness grows as I focus on positive thoughts and emotions.
  17. I am surrounded by positivity, joy, and happiness.
  18. I am thankful for the happiness that I experience each day.
  19. Happiness is a daily choice, and I choose to be happy.
  20. I attract kind people and positive experiences that bring me happiness.
  21. I am deserving of all the happiness that comes my way, and I accept it joyfully.
  22. I have happiness and success in my life; I live a fulfilling life.
  23. I find happiness in the simple things in life, and I manage to keep it.
  24. I choose to focus on the present moment, and I manage to always find happiness in it.
  25. I am grateful for the happiness that my friendships bring into my life.
  26. I am successful, happy and fulfilled in all aspects of my life.
  27. My positive thinking attracts happiness and abundance into my life.
  28. I am content with my life, and I allow happiness to find me each day.
  29. I deserve to live a happy, confident, content life.
  30. I choose to let go of negativity and invite happiness in.
  31. I am surrounded by love, happiness, abundance, prosperity and positivity.

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