How to stay at peace with your reality using affirmations

Article by - How to stay at peace with your reality using affirmations

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Article by - How to stay at peace with your reality using affirmations
How to stay at peace with your reality using affirmations

Too often, we do not like the situations that we are in and want to make urgent changes to the things that happen to us. Sometimes we are able to do so, and sometimes we are not. In order for us to be at peace with the now, it is very important that we accept the things that we have no control over and also the things that we cannot change no matter how hard we try. When we fight with the conditions of our current reality, nothing good happens. The truth is, we cannot force things to happen, and sometimes that actually is for our highest good.

When the situations we are in are bad, we think that we are in a way victims of life. But no such thing actually exists! We are not victims, we just take things too personally: we like to blame and point, saying specifically who is the reason for our struggles and how exactly the others have done us wrong. Such kind of attitude and behavior will only hurt us. We can never be at peace and live in harmony with our worlds if we constantly feel like victims and search for people or circumstances to blame. The reality is that while we are alive, things will happen to us, and we have to accept that. We may not like what happens to us all the time but the power is in us to choose how to respond. Our power actually lies in responding with love and consciously making the best possible decisions which will move us closer to the path of peace. Each time we fight the reality we are in, we are not at peace with it. At such times all is needed is that we make a pause, breathe and make the choice to respond in a positive way.

Below is a list with 10 affirmations that will help you remain at peace with your reality:

Affirmation 1.

I am calm and at peace now! 

Affirmation 2.

My mind is clear and I breathe with joy; I am alive and that makes me grateful and happy!

 Affirmation 3.

No matter what happens to me, I am able to respond with love; and I do respond with love!

Affirmation 4.

I remain peaceful at the face of the challenges that I face! I am brave and able to overcome all the roadblocks on my way!

Affirmation 5.

In me is the power to react with positive emotions and I do react in a positive way always!

Affirmation 6.

I am at peace with my world and the circumstances that I am in!

 Affirmation 7.

With each new day, my life gets better; and I always choose to be at peace with my reality!

Affirmation 8.

My reality brings me peace and joy! I joyfully welcome the new day!

Affirmation 9.

I am a peaceful person experiencing peaceful things! My reality is also peaceful!

Affirmation 10.

Each day, I wake up to a peaceful reality, and I cannot wait to experience all the good that awaits me!